Referentie - IT-Staffing

IT STAFFING NEDERLAND is the result of a merger involving 7 different companies. The merger means that the role of the account manager within the organisation has changed. Whereas previously an account manager was more internally focused, he or she is now expected to be predominantly client-oriented. In other words, contacts that used to be maintained at the operational level have been extended to include the tactical and strategic levels. COURIUS was asked to train, guide and coach the account management of one of the sectors within IT Staffing to aid the implementation and streamline the change in practice.

The trainer/coach at COURIUS developed a training programme designed to enhance the account managers’ performances at a higher hierarchical level at the client site. To achieve this goal, they received training and coaching both in groups and individually. The results were extremely positive, mainly due to the highly effective interaction between the account managers and the trainer/coach throughout the programme. Additionally, the participants benefited through the personal growth they achieved. I can truly say that I am very happy with the approach taken and extremely satisfied with the feedback given by the trainers. We are looking into the possibility of follow-up sessions for next year.
– Arno Pronk, CEO, IT-Staffing Nederland

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